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Wombarra Sydney Maxi/taxi to or from Sydney Airport, Approximately 6 kilometers north of the Sydney CBD Located 19 km south to Sydney International Airport.

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Wombarra Sydney Maxi/taxi to or from Sydney Airport

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Wombarra is a northern seaside suburb of Wollongong, on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. Its main street is Lawrence Hargrave Drive. Wombarra is an Aboriginal term meaning “Black Duck”.

Wombarra has a cemetery, lawn bowling club, Catholic church and a railway station.

There are old coal mining settlements between Bulli and Stanwell Park that seem so small and inconsequential that as you make your way along Lawrence Hargrave Drive they can slip by and be barely noticed. Wombarra which lies, between the escarpment and the Pacific, in a thin strip with Scarborough to the north and Coledale to the south, is typical. Located only 66 km south of Sydney it is one of those secret places with a glorious rock pool, a wonderful small area of coastal vegetation with the plants all identified on small plaques and, most impressively, the Scarborough Wombarra Cemetery which is set on a headland and, although much smaller, is the South Coast’s panoramic equal to Bronte’s iconic Waverley Cemetery.
One of Wombarra’s best kept secrets lies at the bottom of Reef Avenue (which runs east of Lawrence Hargrave Drive). On a rock platform with cliffs rising above it is a large, clean pool. It is idyllic and seems to be rarely used. This is ideal for visitors wanting a swim or wanting to mooch around the rock platform. To the right of the pool, at low tide, is a lovely walk around the cliffs There are stunning rock pools and rock formations and even a small beach.

Scarborough – Wombarra Cemetery
Located between the ocean and Lawrence Hargrave Drive, this spectacular cemetery has glorious views over the Pacific Ocean. People visit the Waverley Cemetery in Sydney because of the views. The same deserves to apply to this stunningly located cemetery.

he Sea Cliff Bridge follows the coastline south, linking Coalcliff and Clifton. Parking on the northern side of the bridge is available along a short road which runs off Lawrence Hargrave Drive about 400 metres north of the bridge but there is more, and better, parking at the southern end. The 1.6-km bridge has a pedestrian lane shielded from traffic on one side and fencing on the other. The views it dramatic and below is a rock platform which is popular with anglers. Dolphins and whales are seen offshore in season. The bridge was opened in December 2005, follows the winding coastline but stands with its feet in the sea, owing to the instability of the adjacent cliffs. Rock falls and other safety concerns caused the closure of the old coast road and the construction of this new span which keeps it clearly well removed from the slowly crumbling geological facade.

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Wombarra Sydney Maxi/taxi to or from Sydney Airport