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West Ryde Maxi taxi to or from Sydney Airport, approximately 16 kilometers north-west of the Sydney CBD Located 29 km south to Sydney International Airport.
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West Ryde Maxi taxi to or from Sydney Airport

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West Ryde is a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. West Ryde is located 16 kilometres north-west of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the City of Ryde and is part of the Northern Sydney region.

Ryde, North Ryde and East Ryde are separate suburbs. The suburbs of Denistone, Denistone West, Meadowbank and Melrose Park share the 2114 postcode with West Ryde.

West Ryde is an extension of Ryde, which was named after the ‘Ryde Store’, a business run by G.M. Pope. He adopted the name from his birthplace of Ryde on the Isle of Wight, UK.

West Ryde is one of 16 suburbs that form the City of Ryde. The City of Ryde is approximately 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) from the centre of Sydney and occupies most of the land between the Parramatta and Lane Cove rivers. It is bisected from west to east by one of Sydney’s busiest roads, Victoria Road. It is crossed north to south by another main road, Lane Cove Road, and is skirted on the north-west by the M2 Hills Motorway and Epping Road. At the time of the arrival of Europeans at Sydney Cove in January 1788, the Wallumedegal or Wallumede were the traditional owners of the area and they called it Wallumetta. This clan formed part of a large Dharug language group.

Subdivision plans up to 1936 still advertised the railway station in West Ryde as Ryde Railway Station. This had been a source of contention for some time. Owing to the distance from Ryde village and the growth of this new settlement west of Ryde, the use of the term Ryde for the railway station soon became anomalous. In 1908 the Ermington-Rydalmere Council tried unsuccessfully to persuade Ryde aldermen that the name should be Ermington. West Ryde as a locality was gradually evolving. It was officially designated a postal area in October 1926. West Ryde Public School was called Meadowbank until 1930. In 1929 an attempt was made to change the name of the station to West Ryde. This request, reiterated from time to time, was finally granted in October 1945. West Ryde has a busy commercial centre based around Victoria Road and the railway station. The beginnings of a commercial centre here followed the opening of the railway in 1886 and the subdivision of the Meriam Hill Estate on the eastern side of the railway in 1888. The railway hotel was built on the corner of Victoria and Ryedale Roads in 1892 and a handful of shops established themselves nearby in the following decade. West Ryde’s shopping centre was transformed in the 1950s, on the initiative of Bill Graf, a developer with an eye on the rapidly developing residential area just to the west. It was here that the Dundas Valley Estate was emerging as the largest Housing Commission project in Sydney. In a period of three years, more than 40 new shops were built, as well as six banks, two restaurants, a service station and a new post office.

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West Ryde Maxi taxi to or from Sydney Airport