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Coledale is a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia approximately located 18 kilometers north of the Sydney central business district, located approximately 62.5 km south Sydney International Airport.
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Coledale is one of the many historic coal mining villages which lie north of Wollongong and stretch along Lawrence Hargrave Drive. The villages all lie in a narrow band of relatively flat land between the sheer cliffs of the Illawarra Escarpment and the Tasman Sea. The main appeal of Coledale are the beaches – Coledale and Sharky’s – which are edged by fascinating rock platforms which are dotted with small rock pools. On the edge of the escarpment there are small areas of rainforest characterised by flowering eucalypts, cabbage tree palm, red cedar, lilly pilly and tree ferns. Coledale is located 68 km south of Sydney via the M1 (F6 – now the Princes Motorway), turning off at Stanwell Tops and driving south along the coast road. A more scenic route is via the Royal National Park. It is 79 km.

Coledale is an interesting example of the Australian tendency to name a town “the bleeding obvious” combined with what appears to be a spelling mistake. The name first appeared in 1902 when the railway station and a post and telegraph office were named Coledale. It is now accepted that everyone got it wrong. It should have been Coaldale. Coledale is an ideal summer destination as it has two good beaches – Coledale and Sharky’s – and it is rarely overrun by crowds. The appeal is obvious. Both beaches are long, have plenty of parking space and are edged by rock platforms. The main beach has a grassy verge which is ideal for picnics. It also has a surf lifesaving club and a good ocean pool.
An impressive sculpture is located on the northern headland above Coledale Beach. The reserve, with its glorious views over the Pacific, is dedicated to Mike Dwyer, a teacher, community activist and union leader who was President of the South Coast Labour Council from 1992-2000. When he died in 2001, after fighting cancer for 15 years, his friends were determined to honour his life. It is wonderfully fitting that the reserve is over the road from Coledale Hospital where Dwyer was born and where, in 1995, he led a three month-long campaign to stop it being privatized. The sculpture, titled Comradeship, is cleverly ambiguous. On an obvious level it is a sailing boat. On another level it looks like two cupped hands ready to enfold and protect the world. Prior to European settlement the Illawarra had been occupied by the Dharawal or Tharawal Aboriginal people for at least 20,000 years. They roamed across the narrow coastal plain, ate fish and crustaceans they caught in the rock pools and lived an idyllic life beside the sea.

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