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Chippendale is a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia approximately located 3.6 kilometers south of the Sydney central business district, located approximately 6.2 north of the Sydney International Airport.
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Chippendale is a small inner-city suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on the southern edge of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the City of Sydney. Chippendale is located between Broadway to the north and Cleveland Street to the south, Sydney Central railway station to the east and the University of Sydney to the west. The area was first occupied by the Gadigal people of the Dharug Nation. William Chippendale was granted a 95-acre (38 ha) estate in 1819. It stretched to the present day site of Redfern railway station. Chippendale sold the estate to Solomon Levey, emancipist and merchant, in 1821, for 380 pounds. Solomon Levey died while in London, in 1833. Levey’s heirs sold over 62 acres (25 ha) to William Hutchinson. Chippendale has a number of heritage-listed sites, including the Regent Street railway station or ‘Mortuary Station’, located on the eastern side of the suburb. The John Storey Memorial Dispensary was built in 1926 as a memorial to John Storey, a former Premier of New South Wales. It is located on Regent Street and still functions as a pathology and methadone clinic. The eastern side of Chippendale, being adjacent to the CBD, has a greater mix use than other parts of the suburb. It includes smaller offices and warehouses as well as cafes and pubs.

Transport New South Wales has its headquarters here. The western side of Chippendale is mainly residential with businesses interspersed in some parts of the precinct. The 168-year-old Carlton & United brewery closed in December 2006. The Frasers Property Australia purchased the brewery site from the Foster’s Group in 2007 and lodged a plan for a major renewal project of the 5.8 hectare site. The development proposal “Central Park” included approximately 255,000 m2 of commercial and residential space, retention of a number of heritage buildings and the development of a large new park called Chippendale Green. One Central Park is a large mixed-use residential and commercial building on the site.

Balfour Street Park, at the corner of Balfour and O’Connor Streets, acts as a pedestrian gateway to Central Park. Chippendale has the lowest open space per person of any Sydney suburb (City of Sydney open space study, 2006). The addition of Chippendale Green has provided much needed green space, however given the corresponding population increase from new developments, Chippendale now has less than 1 square meter of green space per resident. Chippendale is currently a suburb under study, examining the problems of the urban heat island effect. The bitumen-surfaced roads surrounding infrastructures are reportedly driving temperatures 6–8 °C (11–14 °F) higher than normal. The road network, which constitute over 23 percent of the suburb’s land area, measured over 34 °C (93 °F) on average.

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