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Bankstown Aerodrome is a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Bankstown Aerodrome is approximately located 33.5kilometers Southwest of the Sydney central business district, located 19.1km Northwest of Sydney International Airport.

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Bankstown Airport is an airport and business park located in the City of Canterbury-Bankstown, approximately 26 km (16 mi) from the Sydney Central Business District (CBD), Australia, and 17 km (11 mi) west of Sydney Airport. It is situated on 313 ha (770 acres) of land and has three parallel runways, several apron areas, a small passenger terminal, and a business park, home to more than 160 businesses. The airport is home to numerous fixed-wing and helicopter flying schools and also caters to charter and private business flights, freight, aeromedical services, recreational flights, aircraft maintenance businesses, private aircraft, and emergency services. Bankstown Airport operates 24 hours a day, with limitations placed on night circuit training. 

Bankstown Airport was originally planned in 1929. The plan to build an airport at Bankstown was put on hold until it was established in 1940, after the commencement of World War II when the Department of Civil Aviation attained 630 acres (2.5 km2) of land for development as a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) facility. The formal proclamation of the Bankstown airfield project occurred under the National Security Act on 7 June 1940. The urgency was such that work began immediately; the Act permitted construction to begin even before the land had been officially resumed by the government. On 2 December 1940 RAAF Headquarters was established at Bankstown and on 19 December No 2 Aircraft Park moved to Bankstown where it remained until 28 March 1945. Its facilities were then taken over by the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm. 

During World War II, Bankstown Airport was used by the United States Army Air Forces and was established as a key strategic airbase to support the war effort in 1942. It became home to members of the 35th Pursuit Group and the 49th Pursuit Group from 1942 to 1944. In 1945 operations became the responsibility of the British Fleet Air Arm, known as Royal Naval Air Station Bankstown, HMS Nabberley, before being handed back to the RAAF on 31 July 1946.

Aircraft manufacturer de Havilland Australia (later Hawker de Havilland) built a new factory at Bankstown Airport during the war and commenced manufacturing de Havilland Mosquito combat aircraft there in 1942.

In 1970, the government put forth a proposal to expand the airport’s operations but this was vigorously opposed by the local community.

In September 1982 a Socata TB10 Tobago light aircraft was stolen by 26-year-old student pilot Philip Henryk Wozniak, who committed suicide by intentionally crashing on the airport, also destroying a parked Douglas DC-3 and Piaggio P.166 in the process.

Today, Bankstown Airport is Sydney’s primary general aviation airport and also serves charter and cargo flights for various companies and carriers.

The airport’s master plan was approved in March 2005 by the Minister for Transport and Regional Services. The plan governs the airport’s operations until 2024–25. The current approved Airport Environment Strategy was published in 2014 and is valid until 2019.

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