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Badgerys Creek is a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Badgerys Creek is approximately located 53.1 kilometers west of the Sydney central business district, located 45.2km Northwest to Sydney International Airport.

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The suburb is best known as being the most favored site for a Second Sydney Airport. In April 2014, the Abbott Government confirmed the construction of the Western Sydney Airport, initially scheduling construction in 2016, but construction began in September 2018 and is scheduled for completion in 2026.James Badgery was a British-born farmer and miller who, in 1806, was granted 840 acres in the suburb that bears his name today. His original land grant was on the north side of Elizabeth Drive; land which today is used for farming research by the CSIRO and University of Sydney. Badgery named his property¬†Exeter Farm but the creek running through the property became known as Badgery’s Creek and that name was eventually applied to the local area. Badgery bought other land to the south of his grant and after he died, the area was subdivided in the 1880s, vastly increasing the local population. Badgerys Creek Post Office opened on 10 July 1894 and closed in 1989. A school was established in 1895 and the area gradually developed as a rural suburb which by 1981 had a population of 1,560.Badgerys Creek flows north into a reservoir in the suburb’s north, as does South Creek, the suburb’s eastern boundary. West of the reservoir lies Mills Hill, and south-west of that, by just over a kilometer, is Raymond Hill, 125 meters (410 ft) AHD. The western boundary is Oaky Creek, and then Cosgrove Creek after the two merge 500 meters (1,600 ft) north of Elizabeth Drive, and to the south-west the hill known as Anchau. The government bought several properties for that purpose, and as a result of that, as well as concerns about living near an airport, many people moved away, meaning that by 1996 there were fewer than 500 residents. By 2016 the population had further shrunk to 225. Construction of the airport hadn’t started, but in 2012 an A$8 million report into Sydney’s aviation needs found that Badgerys Creek remained the best site, with construction subsequently scheduled to start in 2016. %. Maxi van taxi Sydney, best maxi/taxi Sydney, airport maxi/taxi, book minibus taxi, maxi/taxi, maxi/taxi to Sydney airport, maxi/taxi airport, taxi van Sydney, maxi cabs Sydney Australia, maxi/taxi online, maxi/taxi Sydney airport, maxi/taxi airport Sydney, maxi/taxi booking, book maxi cab, booking a maxi cab, maxi/taxi Sydney quote, maxi/taxi to airport Sydney, maxi cab booking, maxi/taxi, booking a maxi/taxi, maxi/taxi how many seats, maxi/taxi cabs, maxi/taxi Sydney, maxi taxis Sydney, Sydney maxi/taxi, booking maxi/taxi, maxi/taxi to the airport, maxi cab taxi.

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