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Pennant upper North shore suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia approximately located 20 kilometers northwest of the Sydney central business district, located 36 km Northwest to Sydney International Airport.

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Pennant Hills Maxi taxi to or from Sydney Airport. Pennant Hills is a suburb on the Upper North Shore of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Pennant Hills is located 18 kilometers northwest of the Sydney central business district in the local government area of Hornsby Shire. West Pennant Hills is a separate suburb to the West of Pennant Hills and is part of the Hills District.

The area was first explored by Governor Arthur Phillip shortly after 15 April 1788. It was noted that the party saw ‘fine views of the mountains inland’ (the Blue Mountains). Governor Phillip ‘did not doubt that a large river would be found nearby.

The first white settlement occurred in the area with the establishment of convict timber camps in the time of Governor Lachlan Macquarie. The permanent white settlement of Pennant Hills began only in the 1840s and took off with the arrival of the Northern railway line in the 1880s. In August 1912 the federal government opened a Wireless Telegraphy Station, the first of its kind on a national level. The suburb has grown considerably since the 1950s when the motor car became commonplace.

There are two distinct theories about the origin of the name Pennant Hills. One suggests the area was used as a site for raising flags, or pennants, for signaling purposes. However, the only recorded evidence of such a signaling system in the vicinity was one operating from 1824 to 1829 in the present suburb of Ermington and the use of the term ‘Pennant Hills’ is found in much earlier documents. In an 1801 muster list, ‘Pennant Hills’ is recorded as the place of residence of Ann Fay, wife of William Bellamy. In 1802 correspondence from Governor King to Joseph Banks, King refers to “the range of Pennant Hills”. In 1920 the historian James Jervis suggested that the locality had been named after the naturalist Thomas Pennant, a prominent British ornithologist, and zoologist, and prolific author of the eighteenth century. Although Pennant never visited Australia his friends and acquaintances included Sir Joseph Banks, Captain James Cook, and Francis Grose. Under the patronage system of the time, colonial administrators and explorers often acknowledged their English supporters by naming geographical features in their honor.

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