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Gilead is a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia approximately located 58 kilometers southwest of the Sydney central business district, located 64 km southwest to Sydney International Airport.

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Gilead is a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Gilead is located 58 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the City of Campbelltown and is part of the Macarthur region.

Gilead was a land named in the Bible and famed for its fields of wheat. It obviously seemed like an ideal name for a wheat farm when Reuban Uther was granted 400 acres (1.6 km2) in 1812 but Uther only persisted with his dream for six years before selling the estate.

The purchaser was Thomas Rose who renamed it Mount Gilead. Rose lived and farmed the estate from 1818 until his death in 1837.The estate was inherited by his son Henry Rose, until the foreclosure by the mortgagees in 1862.

In 1941, the land was bought by the Macarthur-Onslow family, owners of nearby Camden Park Estate, who still own it today. While there has been talk of suburban development, Gilead remains farmland just beyond the edge of suburbia.

Gilead was a mountainous region east of the Jordan River, situated in modern-day Jordan. It is also referred to by the Aramaic name Yegar-Sahadutha, which carries the same meaning as the Hebrew Gilead, namely “heap [of stones] of testimony” (Genesis 31:47–48). According to Easton’s Bible Dictionary, it refers to a region in Transjordan. The deep ravine of the river Yarmuk (the Classical-period Hieromax, modern-day Shari’at al-Mandarahs) separated Bashan from Gilead, which was about 60 miles (97 km) in length and 20 miles (32 km) in breadth, extending from near the south end of the Lake of Gennesaret to the north end of the Dead Sea. Abarim, Pisgah, Nebo, and Peor are its mountains mentioned in Scripture. From its mountainous character, it is called the mount of Gilead (Genesis 31:25; Song 4:1). It is called also the land of Gilead (Numbers 32:1, Judges 10:4) in many translations, and sometimes simply Gilead (Genesis 37:25; Judges 10:8; Psalm 60:7). Also mentioned in Micah 7:14-15.

During the Exodus, “half Gilead” was possessed by Sihon, and the other half, separated from it by the river Jabbok, by Og, king of Bashan. After the two kings were defeated, the region of Gilead was allotted by Moses to the tribes of Gad, Reuben, and the eastern half of Manasseh (Deuteronomy 3:13; Numbers 32:40).

The name Gilead first appears in the biblical account of the last meeting of Jacob and Laban (Genesis 31:21–22). In the Book of Judges, the thirty sons of the biblical judge Jair controlled the thirty towns of Gilead (Judges 10:4), and in the First Book of Chronicles, Segub controlled twenty-three towns in Gilead (1 Chronicles 2:21–22). It was bounded on the north by Bashan, and on the south by Moab and Ammon (Genesis 31:21 KJV; Deuteronomy 3:12–17).   sydney airport transfers, carnival cruise transfers, group transportation services, maxi taxi how many seats, maxi cab booking, Sydney maxi/taxi, maxi cab taxi, Cruise Transfers in Sydney, sydney maxi taxi book, book a maxi/taxi, maxi/taxi cabs, maxi/taxis sydney, Sydney maxi/taxi, booking maxi/taxi, maxi/taxi to airport, maxi cab taxi, Cruise Transfers in Sydney, maxi taxi parramatta, best cabs in Sydney, best taxi service sydney.

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