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Austral is a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia approximately located 50.9 kilometers Southwest of the Sydney central business district, located 10.8km west of Sydney International Airport.

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The area that now constitutes the suburbs of Austral was a parcel of land in West Hoxton purchased by the Austral Banking and Land Proprietary. When residents pushed for a second public school in the Hoxton Park area in 1891, Austral Banking and Land Proprietary donated 3 acres of its land for the site and, in return, the school was named Austral Public School. The name of the school became synonymous with the area although it wasn’t officially recognized until 1972. Austral Post Office opened on 7 February 1894.It is bounded to the west by waterway Kemps Creek, to the east by a Sydney Water supply channel, to the north by a straight division, and the south by Bringelly Road. Bonds Creek flows southeast-northwest through the suburb, and confluences with Kemps Creek near Fifteenth Avenue. It is of note in its design, its streets laid out in a grid pattern, and all horizontal ones named ‘Avenue’, in numbers from south to north increasing. It is part of the Rural–urban fringe of Western Sydney that runs from Horsley Park through Badgerys Creek, the adjacent Rossmore, Austral and down to Catherine Field. The original inhabitants of New South Wales were the Aboriginal tribes who arrived in Australia about 40,000 to 60,000 years ago. Before European settlement there were an estimated 250,000 Aboriginal people in the region. The Wodi Wodi people are the original custodians of the Illawarra region of South Sydney. Speaking a variant of the Dharawal language, the Wodi Wodi peoples lived across a large stretch of land which was roughly surrounded by what is now known as Campbelltown, Shoalhaven River and Moss Vale. The Bundjalung people are the original custodians of parts of the northern coastal areas. There are other Aboriginal peoples whose traditional lands are within what is now New South Wales, including the Wiradjiri, Gamilaray, Yuin, Ngarigo, Gweagal, and Ngiyampaa peoples. Executive authority is vested in the Governor of New South Wales, who represents and is appointed by Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia. The current governor is Margaret Beazley. The governor commissions as premier the leader of the parliamentary political party that can command a simple majority of votes in the Legislative Assembly. The premier then recommends the appointment of other members of the two Houses to the Ministry, under the principle of responsible or Westminster government. As in other Westminster systems, there is no constitutional requirement in New South Wales for the government to be formed from the parliament—merely convention. As of early October 2021, the premier is Dominic Perrottet of the Liberal Party. Maxi van taxi Sydney, best maxi/taxi Sydney, airport maxi/taxi, book minibus taxi, maxi/taxi, maxi/taxi to Sydney airport, maxi/taxi airport, taxi van Sydney, maxi cabs Sydney Australia, maxi/taxi online, maxi/taxi Sydney airport, maxi/taxi airport Sydney, maxi/taxi booking, book maxi cab, booking a maxi cab, maxi/taxi Sydney quote, maxi/taxi to airport Sydney, maxi cab booking, maxi/taxi, booking a maxi/taxi, maxi/taxi how many seats, maxi/taxi cabs, maxi/taxi Sydney, maxi taxis Sydney, Sydney maxi/taxi, booking maxi/taxi, maxi/taxi to the airport, maxi cab taxi.

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