Ashbury is a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia approximately located 11.9 kilometers Southwest of the Sydney central business district, located 11.8 km Northwest of Sydney International Airport.

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Ashbury is mostly residential and has no commercial center, although there are a few shops on King Street. Its major landmark is Peace Park, the highest point in the Canterbury local government area. Ashbury derived its name from the two neighboring suburbs Ashfield and Canterbury. It is near Canterbury Park Racecourse. The predominant Architectural Style typifying Ashbury is “Californian Bungalow”. Built in the nineteen twenties, the original allotments were occupied by single story, single dwellings, which were designed and constructed using a variety of repeated floor plans. The architectural forms featured mostly gabled and hipped roofs, covered with unglazed red terra cotta tiles. The gables were clad in fibrous cement segmented with vertical timber strip covers. Generous verandahs and leadlight windows were also commonly featured. Timber-framed awnings with decorative timber brackets also enhanced elevations and exposed rafters, dressed-all-round, added to the character and attractiveness of the homely surrounds. External timber sills were often supported by corbelled brickwork, adding a three-dimensional protrusion of the windows externally, and the opportunity for a recessed bay internally. This could be used for flower arrangements or placement of ornaments. Awning windows with high sill heights would allow for natural ventilation, weather protection, and security all at the same time. Tuckpointing on manganese or liver colored face bricks on front elevations was featured, whilst side elevations were finished in common bricks set in lime mortar. A California bungalow is a style of residential bungalow architecture, its particularly popular across the United States, hence its title, but varied in styles slightly in different countries. Specifically, in Australia, the California bungalow is a popular style especially in suburban areas. The style swept the country between World War I and World War II and has been an ideal home-style for Australians who like an informal yet modern home. The name California bungalow comes from the fact its initial existence was catapulted into popularization in California, as a response to major sociological change in Los Angeles and upscale Pasadena, as they were growing rapidly, and single-family dwellings were rising, to the point of its mass suburbanization. The California bungalow was revered for how inexpensive, fast and easy and applicable to the Arts and Crafts movements engulfing the early 20th Century. The home-style was considered simple but artistic, and its term came to fruition around 1905, the California bungalow. Maxi van taxi Sydney, best maxi/taxi Sydney, airport maxi/taxi, book minibus taxi, maxi/taxi, maxi/taxi to Sydney airport, maxi/taxi airport, taxi van Sydney, maxi cabs Sydney Australia, maxi/taxi online, maxi/taxi Sydney airport, maxi/taxi airport Sydney, maxi/taxi booking, book maxi cab, booking a maxi cab, maxi/taxi Sydney quote, maxi/taxi to airport Sydney, maxi cab booking, maxi/taxi, booking a maxi/taxi, maxi/taxi how many seats, maxi/taxi cabs, maxi/taxi Sydney, maxi taxis Sydney, Sydney maxi/taxi, booking maxi/taxi, maxi/taxi to the airport, maxi cab taxi.

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